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Healing River

A passionate song of intercession for all nations and generations.

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Back online!

We had taken the FW site offline for a refresh as it is several years out of date, but that refresh is taking longer than I hoped, and in the meanwhile, lots of people had been asking for songs and lyrics etc. So, with the caveat that some stuff is not working, please help yourself - it is all free!

Mike Burn, March 2020



The latest album from Mike Burn and Rising Generation Music. Great songs for all ages!
Includes a video for the popular Easter song "Stepping Down"

Find it on Apple Music and Spotify

Easter Resources

Easter Resources

We have a number of videos and songs for Easter available. As with all our songs and resources, they are free. If you use them in churches (especially for online services right now) then you have full permission to stream the videos or MP3s, or you may perform the songs live, and download and display the lyrics, sheet music etc.

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