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The latest CD from FW Resources in the "Nuts and Bolts" series, iPray is an exciting combination of songs about prayer, and songs that are prayers. There are up-tempo, powerful songs with hooks that grab you straight away, and reflective worshipful songs that inspire and release prayer. The arrangements are top quality, with a great live rock sound and powerful adult vocals, alongside a high energy children's choir. A number of the tracks have a great contemporary dance/loop groove, that children and teenages will relate to immediately, including 2 tracks featuring some great rapping.

Children will love this CD, but it is definitely not just for children! A number of the songs are very much "adult worship" songs also, and all of the songs are all ideal for Sunday mornings and other times when all ages worship together.

The CD also features a lovely "Taize-style" prayer song, with quiet reflective organ and guitar, and a church youth choir from Northern Ireland, and the song includes a spoken prayer specially composed and recorded for this CD by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams.


No. Name Audio Sheet Music
1 Help me to Pray
Play/Download mp3 audio (4.69mb)
2 I Pray
Play/Download mp3 audio (2.44mb)
3 When you pray (2006)
Play/Download mp3 audio (4.47mb)
4 The Lord's Prayer (2006)
Play/Download mp3 audio (2.9mb)
5 Are you in trouble?
Play/Download mp3 audio (3.44mb)
6 Anyhow (God will hear)
Play/Download mp3 audio (2.84mb)
7 Oh I'm fighting (2006)
Play/Download mp3 audio (2.99mb)
8 Wait for the Lord
Play/Download mp3 audio (3.77mb)
9 This is my prayer
Play/Download mp3 audio (5.34mb)
10 Speak, Lord
Play/Download mp3 audio (3.22mb)
11 Healing River (2006) (Through the Cross)
Play/Download mp3 audio (5.18mb)
12 If you believe (2006)
Play/Download mp3 audio (4.19mb)

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