Family Worship Resources


Thoughts on Harry Potter

The Harry Potter books and films have always divided opinion among Christians - this article aims to present a balanced view, and to help parents and children's workers advise children on the books.

Family Worship using puppetry and ventriloquism

In this article Ella describes how they have used some of the FW songs in the context of their puppetry ministry

How to include all ages in worship

Is all-age worship an impossible dream? Is it even worth aiming for? In this article Mike Burn talks about some of the how's and why's of aiming to include everone in your worship services

10 practical pointers for all-age worship

It does exactly what it says on the tin! 10 very practical ideas for all-together worship.

Family worship is like a good meal

Greame Young develops a very helpful analogy between all-age worship services and family meals.

The triumphal entry

Greame Young takes us through the Triumphal Entry as recorded in Matthew, drawing out helpful insights for planning all-age services.

What do children need most?

Mike Burn speaks from his own experience about some of the underlying needs of childhood, and how we as the church can meet them.

Involving children in dance

An article that first appeared in Children's Ministry magazine - we liked it so much we got permission to reprint it.

Church all-age worship health check

Discussion-starting questions to help you evaluate the all-age-friendliness of your worship services.

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