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Sierra Leone

We are excited to have the chance to visit in June 2011, at the invitation of Christian Aid, to view some of the work they do there, and film for their 2012 Christian Aid week resources. More to follow...


In 2007, we visted Zimbabwe to run a children's programme there for a week, with Dave Bankhead. Report available in the FW blog. The children's club has continued every year since, with Sophie Burn (now Sophie Sangwine!) and her husband, Greg, planning to visit again in 2011 with Dave and the team.

In 2002 we were approached by a church Zimbabwe to ask if we could help supply musical instruments to their church. Having been born himself in Zimbabwe, Mike was honoured to help, and we sent guitars, bass, keyboard, percussion instruments and a full PA. That had a dramatic impact for the church, and we have kept in touch with the person who made the original request, who is now in the UK.


Mike & Sue Burn have led the "Popcorn" children's work at the annual Ichthus Bible Week for the past several years. Check out the Popcorn pages for all things Popcorn-flavour.


In November 2003, Mike was part of a team led by Graham Kendrick for a worship conference in Timisoara. Read the brief report and view the huge image library, and find out how you can support ministry in Romania in 2004


In June 2002, Mike Burn travelled to Rwanda, along with Dave Bankhead, who had invited him to go and help select the material for an album of children's songs, to be recorded in August. Find out more about the trip, and the resulting album 'Arise Shine Rwanda'.


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