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Here are some useful links for Halloween, with thanks to the Evangelical Alliance (UK)...

If you've used any of these resources, or if you know of any others, do let us know in the forum.

Resources from the Association of Christian Teachers (ACT)*


1 sheet A4 folded. Covers historical background, reasons to worry, what Christian parents and teachers can do if Hallowe'en is celebrated in their schools.

Price: Single copies 5p (please send SAE).

Hallowe'en in School

Sets Christian objections to Hallowe'en against the background of modern paganism, considers school celebrations, suggests primary school topics, secondary school themes, lists resources for guidance, alternative party suggestions.

Price: £3.00

Please contact ACT for prices charged for multiple orders.

Association of Christian Teachers, 94a London Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 1NX.
Tel: 01727 840298. Fax: 01727 848966. E-mail:

Resources from Christian Publicity Organisation (CPO)*

Hallowe’en: Is your child playing with fire? (CPO1760)

A leaflet aimed at parents, guardians and teachers highlighting the dangers of Hallowe’en.

Hallowe’en: Just harmless fun? (CPO1671)

A pamphlet that explains the history of Hallowe’en and stresses its dangers through passages of Scripture.

The Other side (CPO1492)

A tract that discusses the dangers of occult activity, including Hallowe’en.

Plus and Eagle’s Wings Comic (PLUS380)

Children’s comic that looks at various spiritual issues, and tackles the subject of Hallowe’en from a Christian perspective.

Trick or treat paper puzzle invite (CPO1748)

An A4 sheet that folds into a puzzle game that discourages children’s participation in Hallowe’en, trick-or-treating etc.

The Thin end of the wedge (CPO6078)

A large tract that warns children of the dangers of the occult activity such as witchcraft and Hallowe’en.

Please contact CPO for the prices of these Hallowe’en-related resources.

Christian Publicity Organisation (CPO), Garcia Estate, Canterbury Road, Worthing, BN13 1BW. Tel: 01903 264556. Fax: 01903 830066. E-mail:

Resources from Reachout Trust

Knock Knock - Who's there?

Hallowe’en tract especially for younger children. 15p

Don’t be tricked

Tract warning of the dangers of Hallowe’en - for adults and other children. 15p

Reachout Trust, 24 Ormond Road, Richmond, Surrey, TW10 6TH.
Tel: 020 8332 7785. Fax: 020 8332 0286. E-mail:

Resources from Saltbox Christian Centre *

"Sorry, No trick or Treat"

A leaflet for people concerned about protecting unsupervised children and vulnerable from the dangers of the Hallowe’en related activity and ‘Trick or Treat’. 

Saltbox Christian Centre* E-mail: Website:

Resources from TELit (Thematic Evangelistic Literature)*

Josh and Jade ... at Hallowe’en activity sheet

Produce thematic evangelistic folders through which key concepts of the gospel are presented within the context of a particular place, event or everyday activity. Josh and Hallowe’en is designed for children between the 6-10 age range explaining the dangers of Hallowe’en.

25p and available from the address below.

TELit (Thematic Evangelistic Literature)* 144a Ferry Road, Edinburgh, EH6 4NX. Tel: 0131 554 0339. Fax: 0131 554 2330. E-mail:

Other Resouces

The facts on Hallowe’en - What Christians need to know

Outlines the origins of Hallowe’en and discusses Christian responses. Also examines the issues surrounding ghosts and witches.

By John Ankerberg and John Weldon, published by Harvest House Publishers, 1996, £2.50. Available from most Christian Bookshops.

Hallowe'en: What's a Christian to do?

Discusses the Christian response to Hallowe'en.

By Steve Russo, published by Harvest House Publishers, 1999, £5.99. Available from most Christian Bookshops.

Websites is a network of ministries, churches and organisations that use the Internet to share the Gospel. They have produced a number of articles which provide a Christian perspective on Hallowe’en.


Halloween: what it is, from a Christian perspective By Gloria PhillipsWebsite:

Holidays and holy days is a website dedicated to making Christians aware of the real significance of festivals, holy days and holidays, including Hallowe’en.


The Dark side of Halloween

An article that discusses the dangers of Hallowe’en, which also provides Christian alternatives.


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