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Nearly all churches do something to mark Mothers' Day (or Mothering Sunday as it was traditionally called) It's a great opporuntity to recognise and thank the unsung heroes (or rather, heroines) in our society.

Sugary sentimental greetings cards and over-priced bunches of flowers and boxes of chocolates fly off the shelves, and grown up children who have left home panic on the Saturday afternoon and go online in a desperate attempt to find a florist who will still deliver in time.

Mothers' Day Services

It's hard to find something original to do in a Sunday morning service - the traditional option is for children to present mothers in the congregation with single blooms, or posies of flowers. Some churches make a point of giving them to all ladies present, whether mothers or not, so as to avoid offending anyone who might feel they were overlooked because they did not have children.

Whilst it is hard to find worship songs or hymns that are specifically about mothers, it is worth remembering the creation story in Genesis where it says that: "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him: male and female he created them". In other words, women are created just as much in God's image as men, and there is as much of the "Mother heart of God" as there is the "Father heart of God". A good Mother will always show us, by the way she loves, protects, cares, hopes and dreams for her children, what God is like.

Mothers' Day Songs

Below are 4 of the FW songs that have been used to good effect in Mothers' Day services, 3 of them written by women, alongside a suggestion of how to present the relevance of the song to the Mothers' Day theme.

If you have ideas that have worked well in your own services, do post them in this thread in the discussion forum.

Some days are not easy

A great, honest song that works well if a child or group of children sing it to the congregation. Every Mother will be able to identify with the lyrics!

You are a kind and loving God

This song works well on two levels - it describes the love that God has for us, and how he cares for every person, and also reveals the tender heart of God that is expressed in a Mother's heart too

Jesus you're the morning star

To the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, this song has a lullaby quality that makes it ideal for a child solo or group. What Mother hasn't sung this beautiful tune (by Mozart of course!) to her child?

Nothing is impossible for God (sheet music only)

Every Mother needs to know the strong protection and love of God for themselves to enable them to love others, and this song has the great promise that we will never be defeated or alone.

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