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Family Worship Compilation Songbook

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Features all of the songs from all of the FW albums, plus 40 new ones - 100 songs in total, from a wide range of writers. Including thematic and scriptural indexes, this is a complete resource for church worship.

For full list of songs featured, please see http://www.familyworship.org.uk/songs

FW4 - Rising Generation - music pack


1. Rising Generation
2. I will lift up the name of the Lord
3. Fly free (song for Wales)
4. Your name is wonderful
5. Give and it shall be given
6. Oh King of love
7. Better than life
8. Peace Child (Christmas song)
9. The depth of a mystery (Communion song)
10. Whiter than the snow
11. Christ before me
12.  the Spirit I rise
13. , help me to tell your story

FW3 - Fire & Rain Music Pack


1. Have you not seen? (Fire & Rain)
2. To be with you (I love to be with you, Jesus)
3. I'm so excited
4. I'd reach for the stars
5. Some days are not easy
6. Healing river (Through the cross)
7. Jesus, thank you for the cross
8. You are a kind and loving God
9. Let us run
10. Calling on the Spirit
11. Love rain down (Let it rain on every nation)
12. Dance on the streets

FW2 - With One Voice - Music pack


1. Father's seeking (With one voice)
2. Come and sing
3. You are the best
4. Lord we lift you high
5. Spirit, Holy Spirit
6. A time to mourn
7. There is a place
8. Perfect love (You accept me as I am)
9. Waterfall (My sould thirsts for you)
10. Lord we cry out
11. Let's get fit

FW1 - Let Praise Break Out - music pack


1. Let praise break out
2. If we were to keep quiet
3. I reach up high
4. I'm singing your praise, Lord
5. Turn the hearts of the fathers
6. If we admit to God that we've done wrong
7. Father I do adore you
8. I'm putting my hand in your hand now
9. God you can use me
10. Crossing over