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The songs are the heart of Family Worship, and we've always had a policy of making them freely available to use. On this site you can download free audio files (mp3, midi, RealAudio and Windows Media), pdf sheet music, Sibelius files, guitar chords and lyrics... If you don't know where to start, check out our Top 20 or visit the Albums page.

   family worship top 20

  1. I will lift up the name of the Lord
  2. Rising Generation
  3. In the Spirit I rise
  4. Peace child
  5. Jesus, thank you for the cross
  6. Whiter than the snow
  7. I'm singing your praise Lord
  8. O king of love
  9. Dance on the streets
  10. Lord's Prayer
  11. Your name is wonderful
  12. I reach up high
  13. To be with you
  14. Waterfall
  15. Come and sing
  16. Healing river
  17. Christ before me
  18. When you pray
  19. The depth of a mystery
  20. Prayer can make a difference

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Visit this page for details of the Family Worship albums, including free audio & sheet music downloads, lyrics, guitar chords and brief descriptions of each song, plus press reviews.

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The Family Worship Songbook contains sheet music and chords for 100 songs, including every song from the four main Family Worship albums and the Prayer album. Follow the link for a list of those 100 songs in Songbook order, with free audio downoads (all the midi files, plus mp3 and realaudio for some of them) and links to other sites with resources for the non-FW songs.

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A-Z Song Directory

The A-Z directory is a directory list of all the downloadable files for every song available on this site, plus links to the song, album and songwriter pages for those that have them.
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Some of the most popular Family Worship songs have been translated in to French