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Name Audio B/Track Chords
A rainfall in drought (By Your wounds) mp3 (3.42mb) pdf (67kb)
A time to mourn mp3 (3.71mb) pdf (110kb)
All the world can offer (Because) pdf (59kb)
Anyhow (God will hear) mp3 (2.84mb)
Are you in trouble? mp3 (3.44mb)
Be a doer (If you're a hearer of the Word) mp3 (2.14mb) pdf (101kb)
Be joyful mp3 (1.01mb) pdf (75kb)
Better than life mp3 (2.3mb) pdf (117kb)
Calling on the Spirit pdf (101kb)
Celebrate Jesus pdf (55kb)
Christ before me mp3 (1.92mb) pdf (74kb)
Come and sing mp3 (2.1mb) pdf (99kb)
Crossing over mp3 (4.21mb) pdf (90kb)
Dance on the streets mp3 (3.99mb) pdf (129kb)
Do your best mp3 (2.9mb) pdf (104kb)
Don't be like the hypocrites mp3 (2.11mb) pdf (100kb)
Don't worry mp3 (2.02mb) pdf (46kb)
Drawn from every tribe (Revelation 7) pdf (60kb)
Everywhere I go (Jesus, my friend) pdf (53kb)
Father I do adore you mp3 (3.68mb) pdf (47kb)
Father's seeking (With one voice) mp3 (4.13mb) pdf (148kb)
Fill my life, O Lord my God (Praying God) pdf (54kb)
Fly Free (Song for Wales) mp3 (1.98mb) pdf (98kb)
From where the sun rises pdf (50kb)
Get into the Word mp3 (3.23mb) pdf (109kb)
Give and it shall be given mp3 (1.67mb) pdf (77kb)
God is as good as his Word mp3 (4.43mb) pdf (106kb)
God is our Father (Kingdom of heaven our goal) pdf (51kb)
God you can use me mp3 (2.29mb) pdf (38kb)
Grace and love pdf (60kb)
Have you not seen? (Fire & Rain) mp3 (4.11mb) pdf (138kb)
Healing River (Through the Cross) mp3 (4.26mb) pdf (55kb)
Healing River (2006) (Through the Cross) mp3 (5.18mb)
Heavenly Father (Prayer song) pdf (53kb)
Help me to Pray mp3 (4.69mb)
Here I am Bowed
I Pray mp3 (2.44mb)
I reach up high mp3 (3.35mb) pdf (92kb)
I will lift up the name of the Lord mp3 (1.73mb) pdf (85kb)
I'd reach for the stars mp3 (3.65mb) pdf (89kb)
I'm fighting mp3 (2.91mb) pdf (97kb)
I'm putting God's armour on mp3 (4.2mb) pdf (111kb)
I'm putting my hand in your hand now mp3 (2.79mb) pdf (79kb)
I'm singing your praise, Lord mp3 (2.57mb) pdf (59kb)
I'm so excited mp3 (3.72mb) pdf (137kb)
If we admit to God that we've done wrong mp3 (3.35mb) pdf (66kb)
If we were to keep quiet mp3 (2.42mb) pdf (72kb)
If you believe mp3 (0.84mb) pdf (52kb)
If you believe (2006) mp3 (4.19mb)
If you have faith as small as a mustard seed mp3 (2.91mb) pdf (95kb)
In the Spirit I rise mp3 (1.77mb) pdf (77kb)
Is anyone in trouble mp3 (1.02mb) pdf (94kb)
Jesus, thank you for the cross mp3 (3.44mb) pdf (87kb)
Lead me on, Lord mp3 (4.4mb) pdf (107kb)
Let praise break out mp3 (4.33mb) pdf (60kb)
Let the Word of Christ mp3 (4.59mb) pdf (109kb)
Let us run mp3 (3.82mb) pdf (81kb)
Let's get fit mp3 (3.42mb) pdf (84kb)
Lord help me to tell your story mp3 (3.33mb) pdf (149kb)
Lord we cry out mp3 (3.82mb) pdf (34kb)
Lord we lift you high mp3 (3.49mb) pdf (82kb)
Love rain down (Let it rain) mp3 (3.84mb)
O King of love mp3 (2.75mb) pdf (71kb)
Oh I'm fighting (2006) mp3 (2.99mb)
Peace Child mp3 (4.63mb) pdf (116kb)
Perfect love (You accept me as I am) mp3 (3.82mb) pdf (106kb)
Pray at all times mp3 (3.45mb) pdf (83kb)
Prayer can make a difference mp3 (2.99mb) pdf (83kb)
Rising Generation mp3 (1.79mb) pdf (72kb)
See the love of God poured out (Look to the cross) mp3 (5.17mb) pdf (77kb)
Some days are not easy mp3 (2.88mb) pdf (75kb)
Speak, Lord mp3 (3.22mb)
Spirit, Holy Spirit mp3 (3.62mb) pdf (97kb)
The depth of a mystery (Communion Song) mp3 (1.96mb) pdf (127kb)
The Lord's Prayer mp3 (3.5mb) pdf (71kb)
The Lord's Prayer (2006) mp3 (2.9mb)
There is a place mp3 (3.33mb) pdf (81kb)
This is my prayer mp3 (5.34mb)
To be with you (I love to be with you Jesus) mp3 (2.83mb) pdf (85kb)
Turn the hearts of the fathers mp3 (3.95mb) pdf (68kb)
Wait for the Lord mp3 (3.77mb)
Watch and Pray mp3 (1.19mb) pdf (53kb)
Waterfall (My sould thirsts for you) mp3 (4.12mb) pdf (116kb)
When you pray mp3 (3.39mb) pdf (66kb)
When you pray (2006) mp3 (4.47mb)
Whiter than the snow mp3 (1.66mb) pdf (75kb)
Who can you trust? mp3 (2.11mb) pdf (96kb)
You are a kind and loving God mp3 (3.24mb) pdf (110kb)
You are the best mp3 (2.02mb) pdf (81kb)
Your name is wonderful (Glory) mp3 (1.41mb) pdf (100kb)

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