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Crossing over

Author: Graeme Young

Album: Let Praise Break Out

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Crossing over

We are not going back where we came from
We are not going to stay where we are
We have come a long way already
Now the new land is not far

Crossing over, leave behind the desert sand
Crossing over into the life that God has planned
Crossing over, Jesus takes us by the hand
Crossing over into a new land

We are not going to give way to Satan
We are not going to listen to lies
He may think that the land is his land
But he'll get a big surprise

We are not going to doubt Jesus' power
We are not going to turn back in fear
The commander of heaven's armies
Is standing with us here

We are not going to visit then come back
We are not going to miss out, no way!
We have heard of a land of revival
So we're on the move today

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