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Healing River

Author: Mike Burn

Album: Fire & Rain

A passionate song of intercession for all nations and generations.

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Healing River

Through the cross Jesus you triumphed
By your blood you bought our peace
Where there once was death and separation
Your healing river flows

Let it flow, let it flow
Let the healing river flow
Gracious God we cry to you
Let the healing river flow

Bind up wounds within our homes, Lord
Reconcile husbands and wives
Turn the fathers' hearts towards their children
Oh let the river flow

Break down walls of isolation
Rescue those who live In fear
May the lonely find love In your family
Oh let the river flow

May your church rise up as one now
Join the streams in one accord
Young and old will stand and sing with one voice
To praise our Risen Lord

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© 1996 Rising Generation Music

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