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Lord help me to tell your story

Author: Tim Moyler, Donna Vann

Album: Rising Generation

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Lord help me to tell your story

Lord help me to tell your story
To those who've never heard
How you lived and died for us
You are the way to God

I want to go, Lord, in your power
Telling the story of your name
I want to say what you said, do what you did
Tell the world the reason you came

Lord help me to tell my story
Of what you've done for me
Give me courage, Lord, to say
How you have set me free

Lord, so many live in darkness
Lost in an endless night
Help them search and find you, Lord
And fill them with your light  

You came down from heaven
Born in a stable
Grew as a child in the wisdom of God
Teaching and preaching
Healing and blessing
Stirring up anger, you died on a cross
Sealed in a tomb
Burst from the grave
Ascended to heaven
And you're coming again

© 2001 Rising Generation Music

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