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Perfect love

Author: Mike Burn

Album: With One Voice

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Perfect love

You accept me as I am
You love me through and through
Lord, where can I go to flee your presence?
No sin can separate, no circumstance I face now
Can part me from your pure and perfect love

Perfect love (flows from the Father)
Perfect love (flows through the Son)
I thank you for your pure and perfect love to me
Perfect love (flows by the Spirit)
Perfect love (flows in my life)
I thank you for a Father's perfect love to me

Now neither death nor life
Nor angels, rulers, powers
Nor things that are, nor things that are to come
Not any height nor depth
No thing in all creation
Can part me from your pure and perfect love

Lord, cleanse me by your blood
And lead me into freedom
For perfect love casts out the fear within me
Reveal your father heart
And let your river flow now
To flood me with your pure and perfect love

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